AFCThe Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) - formerly the Worldwide Nature Artists Group (WNAG) - is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. The Foundation represents the world's leading collective of nature artists and an unparalleled pool of artistic talent focussed on nature.

UCCG  The United Chainsaw Carvers Guild is an organization of chainsaw carvers with members worldwide. Their purpose is to promote the art of chainsaw carving and serve as an artistic reservoir for the cultural exchange of this art. It functions as a bridge for national and international cooperative programs and educational opportunities. It supports publications to enhance the enjoyment and skills of chainsaw carvers everywhere by freely sharing knowledge, experience and friendship for the mutual benefit of all.

MOTCMasters of the Chainsaw is a limited group of the nation’s top professional chainsaw sculptors, dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form and it’s performance.

MOTCMOTC Woman's Division: "CHAINSAW CHIX" : An international group of female performance carvers devoted to the craft of chainsaw carving.  


Chainsaw Chix (Personal Sites)

Angela PolglazeAngela Polglaze

Lisa FosterLisa Foster

Stephanie HuberStephanie Huber

Sara WinterSara Winter

Uschi EliasUschi Elias This site is an information site for all carvers.  Explore our Index and have a learning experience in the chainsaw carving world. We are here to share, promote, preserve, teach and upgrade the art of Chainsaw Sculpting, and to be of service to those who carve, those who wish to carve, and the community.

ForumAn internet Community dedicated to the art of chainsaw carving & friends.

VousHundreds of Chainsaw Carvers from all over the world come together to showcase their talent and share with the public this visually extreme art. Not only is a good time had by all, but the event also does plenty of good as each carver donates one sculpture to the auction with net proceeds going to charity.

KRW The KatRita Wood Project is a non-profit organization that uses trees fallen from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to create art that gives back. Profits go towards the rebuild efforts of New Orleans and surrounding areas.

StonemanThe Stoneman: Robert Morgan is a carver whom also supplies a wide variety of stone available for purchase.

DavidDavid Maracle: David just blows me away with his talent and ablility to evoke emotion. Not only an amazing stone sculptor but also a talented musician. I often carve to his music and am inspired. The influence of his Native Ancestral Heritage is clearly depicted in his sculpture, which is his main goal; to educate people about the Native culture and issues through his artwork.

KrisKris Nahrgang: "Rarely do I ever have an idea of what a carving will be before I begin.  I am influenced by sublties inside the stone, my environment, my peoples history, and my mood at the time.  It is always a surprise when I am finished."

DanDan Johdan: Dan has achieved what few others have — finding success doing what he loves. Joyfully Dan creates in soapstone; bears, eagles, turtles, inukshuks to name a few. The forms Dan sees in the rock, he is able to bring to life.

Dick Dick Tilley (UK):"Dick the Pyro" loves a spot of tea while watching his pieces be engolfed in flame. Seeing fire lick out his pieces adds a quite surreal dimension to his art that is errie and beautiful.

Jörg Bässler (Germany): A talented carver, Joerg carves in a style I've not seen before. Many plunge cuts map out the carving before blocking out. It's crazy impressive to watch.

Xie Wen: Through his sculptures, Wen feels he is giving life to the stone and therefore substance to an idea. Wen is awesome! The detail he is able to achieve is inspiring and when I see his work my fingers absolutely itch to carve.

Ken Packie: This Carver was my neighbour at one of the 'Vous and I came to call him my brother. An amazingly gifted carver, it was great to see his excitement at his first 'Vous. I was able to watch as he was inspired by others and as others were inspired by him. He has grown through the years in leaps and bounds.