Female Form



As Unique As You


In each piece I strive to convey three motions, not just one precise moment frozen in time but what brought the moment to pass and what the anticipated result will be.

I feel the more animation, feeling and movement I can incorporate into the piece, the more I can capture the character and uniqueness of the subject

All sculptures are hand-carved making every piece a “one of a kind” original.  No reproductions or duplicates can ever be achieved.

The most demanding stage of creating a sculpture is the beginning.  Adequate time must be spent on the initial design stage to fully utilize the various characteristics of the piece, be it shape, colour, texture or the subtle feeling it exudes.

A signed and dated “Certificate of Authenticity” accompanies each piece, recording stone type, registration number and sculpture description.

You are welcome to visit the studio or contact me for information regarding agents, galleries and shows around your area.